Driven by the passion to teach and promote improvements with an emphasis on empowerment through empathy.  Here at the FYI/ASK Initiative we firmly believe that the success of our future practitioners lies within a positive workplace culture that promotes healthy workplace practices, where the right people are in the right jobs performing in the right way.


Yet more than that, we believe that in any walk of life holding true to the core values of respect, integrity, compassion and empathy is the way forward.   Developing and enhancing soft skills is key to a rewarding, successful life, a life filled with happiness and fulfilment.


  We are committed to bringing about positive changes both inside and outside the workplace.  We achieve this through an in-depth understanding of how to productively and positively traverse the every day trials of life that get thrown our way The ability to demonstrate empathy should be fundamental to everything we do, it builds respect, it builds better understanding but most importantly of all, it builds the future.

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