Initially an idea born from a desire to foster collegial kindness and aid everyone in negotiating the obstacles that can be encountered in a dynamic work environment.  The FYI/ASK initiative has evolved to encompass aspects of life coaching and positive affirmation to aid in both work and private life.


FYI is an everyday abbreviation that has many potential meanings most commonly used among them are  “For Your Information”  with "For Your Improvement" being another.  Through Information we can find Improvement.

The acronym of ASK revolves around the components of the Triangle of Success; namely Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. The right combination of each constituent leading to greater balance between work life and personal life.



For Your Information and Improvement.

All you have to do is 


 FYI/ASK resources  

The FYI/ASK series is now available as easy to download eBooks.  The first book contains all the resources sheets that were available prior to the launch of this website.


 The  eBook's are comprisesd of all the resource guides from previous years; 2018, 2019 & 2020


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The FYI/ASK resource library is continually growing.  

Additional topics, eBooks and resource guides can be found here.


   Now available - FYI/ASK SnapShot